This page is a walks through showing how to download / install and how to buy Vertical Scroller and Vertical Scrollet +!Cropper.

Support Page

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Installation support

1) After download, the setup file for vertical scroller will be in the download folder. Clicking the setup file will install the application program.

2) You can move setup file to a folder of your choice (you don’t have to do this, but it is possible).

3) Click to select folder with setup file as shown below

4) Click the setup start installation.

5) When installing if the following message appears click twice as shown below.

Windows protected your PC image remade 1.gif

6) Click as shown below to (1)agree to the license agreement, (2)add a desktop shortcut and (3)launch the program instantly.

7) On successful installation, the following messages will appear.

At the top is the initial welcome message. At the bottom is the “send product key and buy license key” message You can continue to use by clicking on the messages..

How to buy

a) Note the product number below

b) Go to the “buy” page (Click “next:buy” below or “buy” tag on upper right corner) and input e-mail address, product number etc. and buy (Credit card or Paypal).

c) After confirming the purchase we will send the license key to your e-mail address

d) Input the license key as shown below

e) Enjoy !

Click here to continue use or buy message