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Image viewer with vertical scrolling / vertical viewer function.

Can view multiple photos like a film reel.

Select interesting parts of the image, crop and scroll automatically .

Some crop and scroll demos.

Save cropped images and make your own crop folder !

Want to see image detail? Expand & automatically scroll-view; see details you had not noticed before. the Vertical Scroller (image viewer) is the only image viewer with "real" automatic scroll. Displays images like a film reel. Also scroll manually using mouse wheel.

Vertical Scroller (+Cropper) version 1.1 here (June 9th) !!

1) Beautiful scrolled images here. Click and enjoy !

2) Basic Vertical Scroller (Image Viewer)

Expands images and automatically scroll-views. See image details !

Image moves up down automatically so details can be seen. Enjoy!

Image moves up down automatically so details can be seen. Enjoy!


Demo video content

   1) scroll down sub_window on

   2) scroll up sub_window off

   3) still picture, change picture size, go next picture


3) Enhanced Vertical Scroller (+Cropper) 1.1 (Image Viewer)

Draw rectangle in sub-window, crop and scroll view automatically ! View cropped details instantly ! Enhanced viewing experience.The vertical scroller + cropper has all functions in the basic vertical scroller plus (1) crop + (2) save cropped image function..

images cropped and scrolled


images cropped


4) 14 days free trial

Click here for Free Download


5) Get photos to scroll here !  Free sites. 

Pexels photo site ,  Deviant Art photo site,  Unsplash photo site

Pixabay photo site,  500px photo site

tumblr , pinterest : SNS site with images