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Image viewer with vertical scrolling / vertical viewer function.

Can view multiple photos like a film reel.

Select interesting parts of the image, crop and scroll automatically .

Some crop and scroll demos.

Save cropped images and make your own crop folder !

Want to see image detail? You can expand & automatically scroll-view; see image details you had not noticed before. The VERTICAL SCROLLER (vertical viewer) is the only image viewer with "real" automatic scroll. Can display images like a film reel .

1) Basic Vertical Scroller Vertical Scroller  (Image Viewer)

Vertical Scroller Screen example

Vertical Scroller Screen example

Image moves up and down automatically, so you can enjoy the details.


   Demo video

   1) scroll down with sub_window

   2) scroll up without sub_window

   3) still picture, change picture size, go next picture

2) Enhanced Vertical Scroller Vertical Scroller + Cropper (Image Viewer)

All the functions of the Basic Vertical Scroller + Crop function, Save cropped images, Film reel display mode etc.

images cropped and scrolled using Vertical Scroller + Cropper

Free download

images cropped using Vertical Scroller + Cropper

14 days free trial (Windows 10 program)

Click images below to experience beautiful scrolled images


Get photos to scroll here !  Free sites. 

Pexels photo site ,  Deviant Art photo site,  Unsplash photo site

Pixabay photo site,  500px photo site

tumblr : SNS site with images


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